water treatment system

Water treatment system  mainly including following parts
1、Multi-media filter
Using quartz sand and anthracite filter as the filter medium, remove the water turbidity, suspended solids, organic matter, colloid, algae, etc.
2、Active carbon filter
Using special high quality coconut shell activated carbon filter material as filter medium, to remove the color and smell, dechlorinate and remove the organic matter in the water and hazardous substances
3、water softener
Reduce the hardness of water, remove the Ca2+ and Mg2+  in the water (the main components of the incrustation)
4、PP precision filter
Set 5μm precision filter in the inlet of the reverse osmosis host , to intercept some small particles in the water and impurities, effectively protect the osmosis membrane
5、reverse osmosis system
As drinking water, pure water will use process : based on differential pressure as the driving force of a new membrane separation technology, removing bacteria in the water, harmful material such as virus, but reserved a small amount of microelement and minerals
6ultrafiltration system
In ultrafiltration process, aqueous solution flows through membrane surface driven by pressure  , the solvent (water) which is less than the membrane hole and a small molecule solute permeable membrane become a cleaning fluid (filtration liquid) , Solute which is larger than the membrane hole and solute group is intercepted, along with the water discharge.
7、UV disinfection system
Using UV irradiation sterilization, can effectively destruct  microorganisms inner structure ,is a effective usual way of sterilization for water and air .
8、Ozone sterilization system
Ozone special strong oxidant, the instantaneous sterilization properties is 16 times,as much as chlorine and conform to national drinking water requirements ---- no residues
9. Electrical control system
Using mature programmable controller (PLC) for logic control, adopt the well-known brands such as Siemens, mitsubishi series PLC and electrical components, to ensure the reliability, security and stability of the system in the greatest degree.
 After-sale service:
After-sales service Service concept:

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3、Professional technical training.