Cap Compression-Cap Compression molding machine

Cap Compression-Cap Compression molding machine
Cap Compression molding machine
The high speed cap compression molding machine XLC is reached and developed
by our own in the industry with adopting the latest technology. It utilizes the oil hydraulic
pump, high speed rotary wheel, compact structure and precise molds to guarantee the
machine working in energy saving and high production efficiency. Meanwhile, the machine
can make caps with different size. The high automation and precision characteristics are
special for machine’s durable long life.
The XLC cap compression molding machine are widely applied for drinking water, juice,
Carbonated soft drink, cosmetic, pharmacy, edible oil, condiment…...ect. 
技术参数 Technical Specifications
包装材质 PP、PE、PVC Container Material PP、PE、PVC
盖直径范围(毫米) Φ30~Φ50 Diameter Range(mm) Φ30~Φ50
模腔数量 24 Cap cavity 24
生产能力(个/分钟) 150~300 Capability(CPM) 150~300
电压/频率 380V/50Hz Voltage/Frequency 380V/50Hz
低压气 8~10bar Operating pressure 8~10bar
主机尺寸(L×W×H) 1400mm×3500mm×2500mm Main Machine(L×W×H) 1400mm×3500mm×2500mm
切环机尺寸(L×W×H) 800mm×1000mm×2100mm Cut ring Machine(L×W×H) 800mm×1000mm×2100mm
重量(吨) 约3.8 Weight(ton) Around 3.8

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