Servo motor extra large bottle machine10-20L
Servo motor extra large bottle machine(10-20L)

 Brief intuoduction:

       Major models: XLB-01G, XLB-02G, XLB-03G
This model is our combined with the market self-developed and designed high-end linear blow molding machine, specifically designed for large bottle 10L-20 L, especially for various edible oil bottles, water bottles, condiment bottles and so on. This model is composed of high-performance precision servo system, energy-efficient heating system, accurate preform loading system, stable and efficient bottle blowing system (servo opening and closing mold, with triple combination blowing valve) and fully automatic unloading bottle system. The machine adopts high-end and standard spare parts, with the features of less energy consumption, high accuracy, high stability and saving area.



*Intelligent man-machine PLC control system The large color touch screen and high speed PLC control system, the control unit with large capacity storage space, can easily save various parameter settings of the machine. Control system includes operation interface, monitoring interface, parameter input interface, alarm interface and manual & automatic modes.


**Heating mechanism The heating light box adopts automatic mutual feedback and closed loop adjustment system, which can automatically in proportion output constant power and can be exempted from voltage fluctuations, greatly improved the stability of the heating system. The operating power of each layer can be adjusted independently, simply set up the corresponding adjustment table. Operation is simple. Minimum power amplitude modulation is only five thousandths of the maximum power, which can be very good to achieve fine temperature regulation at different heights of the bottle preform, to ensure bottle blowing process requirements.


Technical features:

dafabet大发娱乐网页游戏 www.ndsicard.com 1,High stability: High stability of automatic linear high speed blowing machine comes from high standard design concept and strict processing requirements, but also from the high standard of the electricity, gas configuration; Excellent performance ratio: high quality products, low prices.

2, Special heating mechanism: Specially designed lamps and light boxes can save more than 50% energy consumption compared with the same kind of product in the industry.

3, Single cavity’s production capacity is increased by 60%; centralized heating mechanism: constant temperature thermal cycling light box and electricity saving, the heating transmission system adopts the servo drive, precisely control of the walking position and speed to ensure the synchronization of heating chain and manipulator.

4, Stretching mechanism: linear slide mechanism replaces linear bearing, greatly improved the stability;

5, Mechanical hand system: servo manipulator synchronously takes the bottle, takes the bottle, the action is accurate and quick.


 After-sale service:

After-sales service Service concept:

     emphasis on commitment and trustworthy, excellent technology, high-quality and high-efficient, common development, once input and lifelong maintenance. Professional after-sales service engineering and technical personnel, good brand reputation, customer satisfaction as the lifeblood.

1、24-hour hotline service launched.

2、Fast response: ensure arrive at the scene after receving customer maintenance report in 24 hours (in province), 48 hours (outside province).

3、Professional technical training.