Standard Series Machine 2000-2500ML
Standard Series Machine 2000-2500ML
Standard series is designed independently by Xili company, and combined with market and customer needs to research and develop small and medium linear blow molding machine,.
The following is standard series of 2.0-2.5L models, divided into 4 cavity model and 5 cavity model, "C" means cold bottle, "H" is heat bottles,
Capacity range 20-2500ML, suitable for blowing various bottle-shaped, with the characteristics of  simple operation, low failure rate, high stability, and high cost effec
   After-sale service:
After-sales service Service concept:

dafabet大发娱乐网页游戏 www.ndsicard.com      emphasis on commitment and trustworthy, excellent technology, high-quality and high-efficient, common development, once input and lifelong maintenance. Professional after-sales service engineering and technical personnel, good brand reputation, customer satisfaction as the lifeblood.

1、24-hour hotline service launched.

2、Fast response: ensure arrive at the scene after receving customer maintenance report in 24 hours (in province), 48 hours (outside province).

3、Professional technical training.